Volume IconTMS Ep394: Car sales in India, BCI's new rule, OMC stocks, G-SIBs

Are car sales moving to the slow lane? How will BCI's new rule change Indian legal landscape? Is it the right time to buy OMC stocks? What are Global Systemically Important Banks? Answers here

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After two years in the fast lane, India’s passenger vehicle consumption may be finally running out of gas. As the number of outstanding orders increase, and footfalls fade at auto dealerships, are car sales moving to the slow lane? 
The Bar Council of India or BCI has allowed foreign lawyers and legal firms to practice in India. A fresh notification from the BCI, dated 13th March, says foreign lawyers can offer legal advice to clients on foreign laws and work on corporate transactions in India. So, what does the new rule mean to the Indian legal landscape? 

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The recent banking turmoil in the West has prompted a sharp fall in crude oil prices, which have tumbled over 18% so far in 2023. So, will the commodity continue its decline, and should you add oil-related stocks to your portfolio? 

Even as the Silicon Valley Bank in the US defaulted this month, Switzerland’s second-largest bank Credit Suisse was facing a similar situation. But the Swiss regulators intervened just in time to avoid the collapse. This intervention was necessary to mitigate the risks of a global banking panic situation as Credit Suisse was listed under the Global Systemically Important Bank or G-SIB. If you are wondering what a G-SIB is, listen to this episode of the podcast to decode it, and more.

First Published: Mar 22 2023 | 08:00 AM IST

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