Right-wing star Vivek Ramaswamy enters 2024 US Presidential race

his thoughts: no race-based job quota, kill climate religion, decouple from China, no central bank e-currencies

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Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy

Indian-American tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy has launched his 2024 presidential bid with a promise to “put merit back” and end dependence on China, becoming the another community member to enter the Republican Party’s presidential primary after Nikki Haley.

Ramaswamy, 37, whose parents migrated to the US from Kerala and worked at a General Electric plant in Ohio, announced his presidential bid on Tuesday during a live interview on Fox News’s prime time show, a conservative political commentator.

The rising right-wing star has pounced on the message of ‘anti-wokeism’ and environmental, social and governance investing. He calls “wokeism” a national threat. “Wokeism” is the promotion of liberal progressive ideology and policy as an expression of sensitivity to systemic injustices and prejudices.

“I think we need to put ‘merit’ back into ‘America' in every spirit of our lives,” he said, adding that he will end affirmative action in “every sphere of American life.”

In an interview with The New York Times, he said that if elected as the president, his first action would be to “repeal Executive Order 11246, which has banned discrimination and required affirmative action for federal contractors since 1965.” 

It mandates that federal contractors—which employ approximately 20 per cent of the US workforce—adopt race-based hiring preferences. Top companies now regularly disfavor qualified applicants who happen to be white or Asian-American, which spawns resentment and condescension toward black and Hispanic hires. He plans to rescind this executive order and prosecute illegal race-based preferences.

He said the US faces external threats like the rise of China.

It “has got to be our top foreign policy threat that we've gotta respond to, not pointless wars somewhere else.” “That’s gonna require some sacrifice. It's gonna require a declaration of independence from China and complete decoupling.”

We must reclaim global energy leadership by rejecting the demands of a new climate religion that shackles the U.S. and leaves China untouched.

In a statement Democratic National Committee chair Jaime Harrison said one thing is clear: The race for the Make America Great Again base is getting messier and more crowded by the day.

His rallying cry has been to denounce everything from climate change policies and socially responsible investing to transgender rights, critical race theory and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The next US presidential election is scheduled to be held on November 5, 2024. Ramaswamy is the fourth Indian-American to run for the White House.

On china

We gotta wake up to the fact that China is violating our sovereignty and the reason, if that had been a Russian spy balloon, we’d have shot it down instantly and ratcheted up sanctions. Why didn’t we do that for China? The answer’s simple. We depend on them for our modern way of life. This economic co-dependent relationship has to end

We must even be willing to bar US companies from expanding into China until its government abandons theft and other mercantilist tactics

We should prohibit kids under 16 from using TikTok
                                                                                                                        — to WSJ, February 21, 2023
On ‘American-style capitalism’

A “lower-caste guy” in India can now deliver Domino’s pizza and “my family tips him to show their appreciation”

— Quoted from Woke, Inc.

On Politics
If the President can’t hold his position for more than eight years, neither should most bureaucrats
As Elon Musk did at Twitter, I will release the ‘state action files’ from the federal government — publicly exposing every known instance in which bureaucrats have wrongfully pressured companies to take constitutionally prohibited actions
Viewpoint censorship extends beyond the internet and pervades our economy. If you can’t fire someone for being black, gay or Muslim, you shouldn’t be able to fire someone for his political speech

                                                                                                                        — to WSJ, February 21, 2023

On merit

Those basic rules of the road: meritocracy, the idea that you get ahead in this country, not on the colour of your skin, but on the content of your character

                                                                                                                         — to WSJ, February 21, 2023

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