What to expect from Amazon's special launch event? Check key details below

Amazon is expected to unveil some of its latest products and software updates. The event will take place today at Amazon HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia

Photo: Bloomberg

Photo: Bloomberg

Sudeep Singh Rawat New Delhi

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Amazon is back with its special event that it holds every year to announce its new gadgets. Amazon is very keen on its product launch, consequently, you might never hear about any leaks ahead of the launch event.

The ecommerce platform can launch a new Echo speaker, a Fire TV streaming device, a new Fire tablet, or even a Fire TV (an actual television).

According to Tech Advisor, the company might launch an updated home-helper robot as it did in 2021 with Amazon Astro or a proper launch of Rig's Always Home cam: a flying security camera patrolling your home.

The launch event will be held today, and there is no update so far on what Amazon will bring in its hardware event.

What to expect from the launch event?

The e-commerce company is not only focussing on making new products, but they will likely update their previous products as well. Amazon may update its 2019 Kindle Oasis or may launch new earbuds as Echo earbuds are two years old now.

There's sure to be a new Fire TV Stick of some description and Tech Advisor thinks that there are too many Fire TV Stick models Amazon might thin the lineup and have only one (new) budget HD model, that might be cheaper than the 4K Firestick that sits beneath the 4K Max. The 8K version might take some time as of now. 

Amazon might also launch Echo 5, the company launched Echo Dot 5 but didn't update the regular Echo. TV manufacturers launch new versions every year, potentially Amazon might launch another TV as it unveiled Omni QLED last year.

Other updates from Amazon can be from the service or software side. The company might announce software updates of some really good Amazon products, like Alexa.

When will the Amazon 2023 hardware launch take place?

As per the Tech Advisor report, the Amazon 2023 hardware launch event will be held today, September 20, 2023, at Amazon HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia.

Where to watch the Amazon 2023 hardware launch event?

There will be no public live streaming of Amazon devices and service launch events.

First Published: Sep 20 2023 | 11:39 AM IST

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