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KKR vs SRH highlights, IPL 2024 Qualifier 1: Knight Riders march to the final with huge win

Indian Premier League 2024 Kolkata Knight Riders vs Sunrisers Hyderabad highlights: KKR entered their fourth IPL final with a thumping eight-wicket win as they chased down 160 in 13.4 overs

Image Abhishek Singh New Delhi
IPL 2024 Qualifier 1 KKR vs SRH highlights. Photo: Sportzpics

IPL 2024 Qualifier 1 KKR vs SRH highlights. Photo: Sportzpics

9:44 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Cummins hit for 20 runs

Over Summary: 4 4 1 L4 6 Wd 0; KKR 26-0 after 2 overs 
Sunil Narine (9), Rahmanullah Gurbaz (12); Pat Cummins 1-0-16-0 
Ball 6 Dot ball but that would not make much difference as 20 come off the over.  
Ball 6 Wide 
Ball 5 Six!! Top edge and flies over third man for a six. 
Ball 4 Four!! It was down the leg and the batter shuffled toward the iff, the ball missed him and the wicket and the wicket-keeper were unable to stop it. It was called not-out for LBW, but the review shows that it will only be four leg byes. 
Ball 3 In the air…and this one lands safely here. 
Ball 2 Four!! Make it two in a row as it was on the pads and he cleared one out and hit it past long-on. 
Ball 1 Four!! Narine knows only one way to play and he plays that way and gets a four first ball. It was in the air, but away from mid-off
9:36 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Six off the first over

Over Summary:0 4 0 0 2 0; KKR 6-0 after 1 overs 
Sunil Narine (0), Rahmanullah Gurbaz (6); Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1-0-6-0
Ball 6 Klaasen goes back for the last ball. Six for no loss. 
Ball 5 Two runs taken. 
Ball 4 Was that an edge? No, juts off the gloves of Klaasen who is standing up now. 
Ball 3 Dot ball as Gurbaz plays back to the bowler 
Ball 2 Four!! Driven through the covers for the first four of the innings 
Ball 1 Dot ball is what Bhuvneshar Kumar will start off with. 
9:20 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Check out the full scorecard of the Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad Inning159-10 (19.3 ov) CRR:8.15
Batter   R B 4s 6s SR    
Travis Head b M Starc 0 2 0 0 0    
Abhishek Sharma c A Russell b V Arora 3 4 0 0 75    
Rahul Tripathi runout (Rahmanullah Gurbaz / A Russell) 55 35 7 1 157.14    
Nitish Kumar Reddy c Rahmanullah Gurbaz b M Starc 9 10 1 0 90    
Shahbaz Ahmed b M Starc 0 1 0 0 0    
Heinrich Klaasen (WK) c R Singh b V Chakravarthy 32 21 3 1 152.38    
Abdul Samad c S Iyer b H Rana 16 12 0 2 133.33    
Sanvir Singh b S Narine 0 1 0 0 0    
Pat Cummins (C) c Rahmanullah Gurbaz b A Russell 30 24 2 2 125    
Bhuvneshwar Kumar lbw b V Chakravarthy 0 4 0 0 0    
Vijayakanth Viyaskanth Not out 7 5 0 0 140    
Extras 7 (b 0, Ib 0, w 5, nb 2, p 0)    
Total 159 (10 wkts, 19.3 Ov)    
Did not Bat T Natarajan    
Fall of Wickets
0-1(Travis Head 0.2),13-2(Abhishek Sharma 1.5),39-3(Nitish Kumar Reddy 4.5),39-4(Shahbaz Ahmed 4.6),101-5(Heinrich Klaasen 10.6),121-6(Rahul Tripathi 13.2),121-7(Sanvir Singh 13.3),125-8(Abdul Samad 14.4),126-9(Bhuvneshwar Kumar 15.6),159-10(Pat Cummins 19.3)
Bowler O M R W NB WD ECO  
Mitchell Starc 4 0 34 3 0 1 8.5  
Vaibhav Arora 2 0 17 1 1 2 8.5  
Harshit Rana 4 0 27 1 0 1 6.75  
Sunil Narine 4 0 40 1 0 0 10  
Andre Russell 1.3 0 15 1 0 0 10  
Varun Chakravarthy 4 0 26 2 1 1 6.5  

9:18 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Hyderabad all-out for 159

Russell was not happy with the throw on the first ball of the over due to which Cummins was able to get back on strike and Viayaskanth added three runs to the total as well. 
However, just after a dot ball, he was able to get Cummins caught by Gurbaz behind the stumps and it is Hyderabad all-out at 159.
9:15 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Cummins takes Hyderabad past 150

Over Summary: 0 1 1 0 6 4; SRH 156-9 after 19 overs 
Pat Cummins (30), Vijayakanth Viyaskanth (4); Mitchell Starc 4-0-34-3
When Starc came in to bowl, he was on a hat-trick and was supposed to finish the game. However, his fellow countryman Pat Cummins has hit him for a six and four off the last two balls to get Sunrisers past the 150-run mark with an over to go.
9:09 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Hyderabad into the 140s

Over Summary: 6 1 1 1 1 1; SRH 144-9 after 18 overs 
Pat Cummins (19), Vijayakanth Viyaskanth (3); Varun Chakaravarthy 4-0-26-2
Cummins goes reverse sweeping and gets a six first ball. He and Viyaskanth then get five singles and take Hyderabad into the 140s an close to 150. 
9:06 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Nicely done by Cummins

Over Summary: 0 0 1 1 4 1; SRH 133-9 after 17 overs 
Pat Cummins (10), Vijayakanth Viyaskanth (1); Harshit Rana 4-0-27-1
Cummins takes the single here and exposes Vijay Viyaskanth to the strike against Rana. Well, it was the right call as Viyaskanth takes a single and gets off the mark. 
Four!! Finally, Cummins plays it through the gap between backward point and short third-man to get a four. He will keep the strike with a single. 
9:01 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Hyderabad nine down

Over Summary: 0 0 0 1 0 W; SRH 126-9 after 16 overs 
Pat Cummins (4), Bhuvneshwar Kumar (0); Varun Chakaravarthy 3-0-15-2
In the air…but just falls short of Venkatesh Iyer at long-on. 
Appeal for LBW and given. That would be the wicket number nine for Kolkata and second for Chakaravrthy as Bhuvneshwar Kumar walks back. 
8:56 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Hyderabad eight down

Over Summary: 0 1 1 W 0 0; SRH 125-8 after 15 overs 
Pat Cummins (3), Bhuvneshwar Kumar (0); Harshit Rana 3-0-20-1
Harshit Rana is into the attack and Abdul Samad, in an attempt to get six, hits one in the air and gets caught at long-off. Hyderabad are now eight down. 
8:49 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Game-changing over

Over Summary: 6 W W 2 0 0; SRH 123-7 after 14 overs 
Pat Cummins (2), Abdul Samad (15); Sunil Narine 4-0-40-1
Pat Cummins comes out to bat and plays Narine cautiously as he just about survives one of the most disturbing overs for the Sunrisers in this game. 
8:47 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Narine gets impact player Sanvir

Woah!! This is the game-changing passage of play here. Impact player Snavir Singh, who substituted Abhishek Sharma has been cleaned-up first ball by Narine and Hyderabad is now in all sorts of bother at 121/7. 
8:45 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Russell runs-out Tripathi

Abdul Samad goes down the ground and once again hits Narien for a first-ball six. 
Wicket!! This wicket solely belongs to Andre Russell the fielder at the backward point, It was wide outside off and Samad cut it. However, Russell was electrifying at the point region to get to the ball and release it in one go. Tripathi was caught ball-watching and therefore has to walk back., Hyderabad loses sixth.

8:40 PM


Over Summary: Wd 1 0 1 0 1 1; SRH 115-5 after 13 overs 
Rahul Tripathi (55), Abdul Samad (9); Varun Chakaravarthy 2-0-14-1
Varun is back in attack to try and get another wicket. But he is being played carefully by Tripathi and Samad both. However, Samad goes for the big one on the last ball and it falls short of Starc at long-on. It is time for the time-out. 
8:38 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Samad hits first ball six

Over Summary: 1 6 0 0 1 1; SRH 110-5 after 12 overs 
Rahul Tripathi (53), Abdul Samad (7); Sunil Narine 3-0-32-0
Six!! Abdul Samad knows only one way to play and he is going to play that way as he hits Sunil Narine for a six first ball. 
8:32 PM

KKR vs SRH LIVE SCORE UPDATES: Fifty for Tripathi, Klaasen departs

Over Summary: N1 0 1 1 4 1 W; SRH 101-5 after 11 overs 
Rahul Tripathi (51), Heinrich Klaasen (32); Varun Chakaravarthy 1-0-9-1
No ball!! Varun Chakaravrthy comes into the attack and starts off with a no-ball 
Free Hit!! But the spinner does well to give no runs off the free hit. 
Four!! That would be the fifty for Rahul Tripathi and what a time to bring this up in the most difficult of situations. He brings it up with a reverse sweep as well. 
Wicket!! Rinku Singh held his computer as Klaasen was looking to get another maxim. But he was hitting in the area that was the farthest from the main pitch and he would now have to walk back. Hyderabad are five down. 

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First Published: May 21 2024 | 5:06 PM IST

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