Centre to hire retirees in health, education sectors amid rising talent gap

The Centre could devise measures that encourage businesses to employ retirees through part-time work arrangements, an official said

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Might hire a person who just retired, says Capgemini's Aiman Ezzat

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The Centre has started internal discussions about recruiting and hiring retirees for part-time work, consulting jobs, and mentorship positions in industries like education and healthcare that are experiencing talent shortages, an Economic Times (ET) report said.
A senior government official told ET that the Centre could devise measures that encourage businesses to employ retirees through part-time work arrangements and flexible retirement age policies.

The official added that additional measures, including a minimum wage framework based on prior experience for those over a certain age, phased retirement, and changes to roles and responsibilities, are also being considered.
Even though India is regarded as a young country, the United Nations projects that by 2050, the number of Indians over 60 will double and account for nearly 19.6 per cent of the country's total population.

"India is ageing quickly, and the government is looking at how we can use the experience of our elderly while making sure jobs for younger generations are not jeopardised," said the official.
The 2011 Census estimated India’s older population at 104 million. By 2036, the number is expected to more than double to 225 million, and by 2061, it will have increased by more than fourfold to 425 million.

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Many countries, especially those with ageing populations like Japan, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France, are thinking about how best to use the professional experience of their older workers, including those who are past the age of professional retirement.
The issue was also discussed at a webinar that was held recently on the sidelines of a G20 summit. The discussion's conclusion might be included in the government's skill strategy paper, the official added.

First Published: May 16 2023 | 10:36 AM IST

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