Teachers' Day 2023: Top speech ideas and tips to give on teacher's day

Teachers' Day is observed every year in India on September 5 on the birth anniversary of former president S Radhakrishnan. Students give speeches on this day to show appreciation of their teachers

Teachers' Day 2023

Teachers' Day 2023

Sonika Nitin Nimje New Delhi

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Teachers' Day is not far off. It falls on September 5. On this day, India celebrates Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birth anniversary. Schools and universities mark the event by holding social events. 

Also, students offer handwritten cards, roses, chocolates, and handmade gifts to express their thanks to their best teachers. Students can also pretend to be teachers for a day and teach junior standards. Students can temporarily assume the role of their guru through this role reversal.

During the cultural events, students perform dance exhibitions, sing melodies, and even provide speeches around Teachers' Day, recognizing and praising the efforts and commitments of our teachers. Given below are a few speech ideas, be it long and short speech samples you can take as motivation for Teachers' Day festivities at your school.

Teachers' Day 2023: Speech Ideas

1. Respected teachers and my dear friends:

In India, Teachers' Day falls on September 5. It denotes the birth anniversary of perhaps the best teacher and visionary leader the nation has ever witnessed, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was not only a great teacher, but a philosopher, and an exemplary statesman. 

Today, as we recollect Dr Radhakrishnan, we likewise remember the huge number of teachers across India who assume a crucial part in forming the fate of our country. They are the architects of our fantasies, the mentors who guide us through a bunch of information, and the quiet architects of our nation's progress.

Our teachers have been vocal in moulding our country's history. They have nurtured splendid personalities that have proceeded to pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries, lead in different fields, and add to the advancement of our country. In this way, how about we collectively praise the teachers who have transformed and enlightened our lives with knowledge.

2. Respected Principal and Honoured Guests:

Today, we observe Teachers' Day on September 5. Teachers, you don't simply grant us wisdom; you kindle the fires of knowledge and imagination within us. Your guidance makes us able to think critically, analyse and tackle issues. You help us to address, investigate, and gain from textbooks as well as from life itself.

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You have been instrumental in building this country's future. We as a whole owe a part of our prosperity to your relentless drive to shape a splendid tomorrow for each student. To every one of the teachers here and everywhere, we can’t thank you enough for everything you do for us. We appreciate your unwavering dedication, sacrifices, and enthusiasm for teaching. We will always be grateful to you as our nation's true heroes and builders. Happy Teachers' Day!

3. Gururbrahma Gururvishnu Gururdevo Maheshwar Gurur Sakshat Param Brahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah:

Hello, Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends. Salutations to all my teachers first. Today is an exceptionally extraordinary day for us since we as a whole have gathered here to observe Teachers' Day. Nobody is more important than a teacher. 

So today, let every one of us show respect to such masters in our lives and reflect on their significance in our lives. Teachers show us as well as shape us and make us responsible residents. Thank you kindly Sir/Ma'am for constantly driving us on the way of truth, goodness and justice. Happy Teachers' Day.

How to give a teacher's day speech? 

    • To give your speech, one can begin with a quote connected with the significance of the day.

    • Discuss the positive effect of teachers in students' lives and the way in which they have been a direct light.

    • While drafting the speech, one can specify the set of experiences and importance of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, and depict him as a motivation.

    • Keep the speech concise and to the point and use relevant examples. Considering that such speeches can get monotonous, keeping it short can help students engage the audience.

    • Emotions, high and low tones, voice modulations, and other details should all be included in the speech.

    • A couple of inspirational quotes can add grace to the speech and give it a fine conclusion.

    • A well-researched and rehearsed speech can make the speaker stand out among the crowd.

Teachers' Day: Speech Tips

    • Do proper research and gather valid points to join your speech.

    • Practice constantly until you feel adequately certain to present the speech from memory.

    • Don't make your speech too long because it could bore your audience.

    • You will be able to better convey your message if you are aware of your audience and how to structure your speech accordingly. You must speak passionately and enthusiastically to keep the audience engaged and interested in what you have to say. 

First Published: Sep 04 2023 | 7:24 PM IST

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