Fans gather in Hong Kong to mark 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee's death

Bruce Lee, born as Lee Jun-fan in San Francisco in 1940, was extremely famous as the most powerful martial artist of the 20th century

Bruce Lee’s 50th death anniversary

Bruce Lee’s 50th death anniversary

Sonika Nitin Nimje New Delhi

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Fans from around the planet gathered in Hong Kong at the feet of a Bruce Lee statue on Thursday to honour the late Kung Fu legend on his 50th death anniversary.

Standing before the life-size bronze statue with Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor behind them, a large number of fans snapped pictures, bowed and offered flowers. Others performed moves from Lee's own brand of kung fu: " Jeet Kune Do", and threw "nunchucks" - a chained double truncheon weapon that was popularised by Lee in many movies.

Bruce Lee’s 50th death anniversary: Personal life

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of a legend that popularised and globalised the martial arts through his movies. His contribution to this genre will forever be remembered. Fifty years have passed since this social icon’s demise, yet his effect keeps on resounding across the globe. 

Bruce Lee, born as Lee Jun-fan in San Francisco in 1940, is well-known worldwide as the most compelling martial artist of the twentieth century. Lee's journey began in Hong Kong, where he learned martial arts and acted in many movies as a kid. His career took off when he relocated to the US in his late teens, where he would ultimately introduce the West to martial arts and conventional eastern philosophies.

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Bruce Lee’s 50th death anniversary: Fans celebration

On Thursday, the 50th death anniversary of Bruce Lee, many admirers formed a circle around his burial place in Lake View Cemetery on Capitol Hill. Supporters of his wife, Linda Lee Cadwell, embraced her and took photographs with her while others lit candles and placed vibrant flowers at the scene.

His admirers who headed out to Hong Kong for the commemoration included individuals from mainland China, Asia and Europe. Video montages, heartfelt tributes, and fan art flooded social media. VIPs and athletes shared their memories and reflections, highlighting the expansiveness of Lee's effect. Bruce Lee was cited by MMA fighters, football players, and Hollywood actors as a significant influence on their lives and careers.

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First Published: Jul 21 2023 | 11:49 AM IST

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