How much you need to pay to get higher EPS pension? New circular clarifies

Those applying for a higher EPS pension will have to submit a joint form with the employer

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The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) on Sunday issued a circular clarifying several issues that pensioners were facing while applying for a higher pension from the Employees Pension Scheme (EPS).
Majorly, it answers three questions:
  • What happens once the joint application form is submitted?
  • What if there is an error in the joint application form?
  • What if an employer has not approved the joint application form?

The circular said that those who contributed on actual wages higher than Rs 5,000 or Rs 6,500 per month or exercised their option for a higher pension, will be eligible for a higher pension. This also includes those pensioners whose request for higher pension was declined by EPFO authorities before the amendment to EPS-95 in 2014.
They will have to submit a joint form with their employer for enhanced benefits. It will be prescribed by the commissioner and all other required documents like joint declaration etc.

The circular said that the applications and joint options for higher pension will be examined by the field office. If the requirements are met, the wage details submitted by the employers will be verified with the data with the field officers.
Once the data is verified, EPFO will calculate the dues and an order will be passed by transferring the dues.

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What happens if an application for a higher pension is not approved by the employer?
"In case the submitted application form / joint option is not approved by the employer, before any rejection, an opportunity will be given to the employer for providing any additional proof or evidence or correcting any mistakes/errors (including those made by employees/pensioners). Such opportunity will be for a period of one month and under Intimation to the employees/pensioners," the circular said.

What if the information submitted is incomplete?
The circular said," In cases where the submitted information is not complete or seems erroneous or any information in application/ joint option form needs correction request or not found eligible, APFC/RPFC-II will seek information from the employers under intimation to the employees/pensioners within one month. If complete information is received, the case shall be processed further as at 3 above. However, if complete Information is not received within one month, the order will be passed on merit by the APFC/RPFC-II/RPFC-1."

First Published: Apr 24 2023 | 3:28 PM IST

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