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National Birds Day 2024: History, theme, importance and how to celebrate

The National Bird Day was founded to celebrate the significance of wild birds. Also, to bring issues to light that endanger the existence of birds and ways in which people can help save them

National Birds Day

National Birds Day

Sonika Nitin Nimje New Delhi

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The United States of America declares January 5 as National Bird Day to raise awareness of the significance of birds to our ecosystem. The day is set apart to make all of us understand that birds are not made to be caught or had as showpieces in our homes, rather, they are nature’s lovely creatures that deserve to live with complete freedom.
The day was first observed by the Avian Welfare Coalition, which is involved in the cause of promoting awareness about birds that are caught or end up in captivity for either monetary profit or for human entertainment. 

Importance of National Birds Day 

One of nature's most beautiful creatures is birds. They fill our heart with joy better with their chirping, they soar over and make us cheerful and here and there they are simply excessively gorgeous and gorgeous to look out. 
Yet, beyond this, they are additionally significant parts of the ecosystem. The time has finally come for us to hold hands in safeguarding them and guaranteeing that they have a healthy nature to flourish in.
Every year, National Birds Day is celebrated to bring issues to light about the birds that are caught, severely treated or produced in captivity for monetary profit and delight. It is illegal and ethically wrong to hold birds or creatures in cages and we should attempt to guarantee that they have a superior life.

National Birds Day: History

National Birds Day has been celebrated in America since 2002. This date was picked in light of the fact that it likewise is the day for the yearly Christmas Bird Count. 
The national holiday is seen in America where individuals hold hands together to acquire details regarding the quality and condition of the birds in the US of America.

National Birds Day 2024: Theme

The theme of the National Birds Day 2024 is ‘Right To Fight’. It signifies the flight of a bird that represents freedom.
With this campaign, the Avian Welfare Coalition Alliance intends to diminish the suffering of birds by raising public attention to the damaging bird trade, the real factors of cruel bird breeding mills and the ways of working on the government assistance of birds currently in captivity.

National Birds Day: Quotes

    • “Celebrate National Bird Day by spreading your wings of awareness, for these feathered friends inspire us to soar to new heights of conservation and compassion.”      
    • “On National Bird Day, let’s tweet not just on social media, but also for the protection and preservation of our avian companions.”      
    • “In the symphony of nature, birds are the melodious notes. Let’s celebrate National Bird Day by preserving their tunes for generations to come.”      
    • “On this National Bird Day, let us remember that the skies are the birthright of every creature with wings. Let’s ensure they continue to dance among the clouds.”
    • “Feathers of freedom, songs of joy – on National Bird Day, let’s pledge to protect and cherish the winged wonders that make our world more beautiful.”

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First Published: Jan 05 2024 | 11:54 AM IST

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