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Forget something? Uber's lost & found index may have the answer for you

The 2024 Uber Lost & Found Index showed that riders still keep forgetting the usual items - phone, keys, wallet - but many have left behind unusual, and sometimes questionable, items as well


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Nandini Singh New Delhi

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Are you feeling a bit forgetful lately? Blame it on Mercury in retrograde! But fear not; Uber has its "2024 Lost and Found Index" to show you're not alone in the forgetfulness game.

Delhi has taken the crown as the most forgetful city in India for the second year running, while Mumbai holds on tight to its second-place spot. Bangalore is back in the game, reclaiming its third place from Hyderabad, which slipped to fourth as folks there started keeping a closer eye on their stuff. Pune rounds up the top five most forgetful cities, proving that memory lapses are a nationwide phenomenon.

Phones, bags, wallets, and clothing are the usual suspects left behind in Ubers across India, followed by everyday items like water bottles, keys, and accessories such as spectacles and jewellery. 

But Indians also forgot some unique items, including a Ukulele instrument, a coin collection, prasad, and even a hair trimmer. Important documents like passports and bank papers also made it to the list of lost items.
Surprisingly, the ride-hailing app spilled the beans that November 9, 10, and 11 were the days passengers were most likely to leave their stuff behind.

Furthermore, 6 pm, 7 pm, and 8 pm emerged as the peak times for such forgetfulness.

Nitish Bhushan, head of central operations at Uber, said, “We’ve all been riders and have had that moment where we suddenly realised we left behind a precious item or even a cherished belonging in a cab. With Uber, you can attempt to retrieve the lost item by following a few steps in the app. We understand the trust riders put in us each time they take an Uber ride, and we felt the time was opportune to provide a quick refresher course on how to retrieve lost items.”

Here are some fun facts from the 2024 Lost and Found Index:

- Saturdays are the most forgetful days for Uber riders.

- Blue items top the list of forgotten things, followed by red and pink.

- Evenings are the most forgetful time, especially around 7 pm.

- Apple device users were the most forgetful last year.

- Diwali time saw the most items forgotten in Ubers.

Lost something in Uber? Here’s how to get it back

1. Tap on the “Menu” icon.

2. Select “Your Trips” and choose the trip where you lost something.

3. Tap “Report an issue with this trip.”

4. Select “I lost an item.”

5. Tap “Contact my driver about a lost item.”

6. Enter the phone number you want to be contacted at.

7. If you lost your phone, enter a friend’s phone number.

8. Your phone will connect you directly with your driver.

9. Coordinate a time and place to meet for item return.

10. If you can’t connect, use ‘in-app support’ for help.

So, next time you hop out of an Uber, ensure you've got everything with you unless you're aiming for a spot on next year's Lost and Found Index!

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First Published: Apr 19 2024 | 7:04 PM IST

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