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National Pi Day 2024: Everything you need to know about the special day

Pi Day 2024 is celebrated every year on 14 March. This day is dedicated to the mathematical constant pi (3.14), and it is a time to celebrate the excellence of maths and its applications

National Pi Day 2024

National Pi Day 2024

Sonika Nitin Nimje New Delhi

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Pi is a significant symbol in Mathematics, Statistics and Physics. The symbol represents the ratio of the circumference of the circle to its diameter, which has a value of 3.14. In many calculations in Physics, Mathematics and Statistics, the value of Pi plays a critical part. 
Pi is quite possibly the most popular mathematical constant that is applied in calculations inside and beyond science. Pi Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the steady value of Pi and how it makes our lives easy.

National Pi Day 2024: History

The value of Pi was first determined by Mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse. In 1737, Leonhard Euler used the symbol of Pi, paving the way for its acknowledgment in the scientific community. 
In the year 1988, the American physicist Larry Shaw celebrated the first Pi Day. As it turns out, Pi Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of prestigious Physicist Albert Einstein.

National Pi Day: Importance

Pi Day lies on March 14. When the date is written in the format of month and date, it matches the initial three digits of the Pi value. On this day, individuals likewise eat pie to remember the value of Pi and add to the festival. Pi recital contests and exercises are parts of the day festivities marked by Math lovers worldwide. 
Pi is a part of Egyptian mythology and individuals in Egypt accepted that the pyramids of Giza were constructed sticking to the principles of Pi. The value of Pi has interested individuals for 4000 years, and has put world-well known Mathematicians like Leibniz, Fibonacci, Newton, and Gauss to study, calculate the digits and apply the value of Pi in various calculations.

What does the Pi symbol define?

The Pi symbol addresses the ratio between the circle's circumference and diameter. While such calculations have been around for something like 4,000 years, the Greek letter, π, wasn't presented as a math constant until 1706 by William Jones, an English mathematician, as indicated by the National Day calendar.

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First Published: Mar 13 2024 | 2:46 PM IST

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