Trading strategies for Nifty Energy, Nifty Consumption indices

According to Ravi Nathani, an independent technical analyst, the Nifty Energy index is consolidating in the 23,460 - 24,460 range.

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The current market price (CMP) of the Nifty Energy Index stands at 23,825.30. Over the past two weeks, the index has been consolidating within a defined range. The range for the index is observed to be between 24,460 and 23,460. Traders should closely monitor the index's movement, as a close above or below this range could act as a trigger for a potential directional move.

On the charts, the next support levels are expected around 23,050 and 22,725. These levels may provide a potential area of price support or buying opportunities for traders. Considering the current market conditions, the recommended trading strategy would be to sell on price rises.

This means that traders should consider selling the index or its constituents when the price increases. This strategy aligns with the consolidation range and the expected support levels on the charts.

In summary, the Nifty Energy Index has been consolidating within a range between 24,460 and 23,460. A close above or below this range could indicate a potential directional move. The next support levels on the charts are anticipated at 23,050 and 22,725. Given the current market scenario, the suggested trading approach would be to sell on price rises, taking advantage of potential selling opportunities.

Nifty Consumption Index

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The current market price (CMP) of the Nifty Consumption Index is 7,990.80. It is anticipated that the index may encounter strong resistance around the 8,025 level. A trade and close above this range would indicate a breakout, potentially leading to the next resistance levels at 8,145 and 8,425. On the lower side, if the index breaks below 7,910 and closes below this level, the next support on the charts is expected around 7,725. 

Traders should closely monitor these support and resistance levels for potential trading opportunities. Based on the analysis, the recommended trading strategy would be to buy the index only if it surpasses the 8025 resistance level. This strategy aims to capitalize on a potential breakout and further upside momentum. Conversely, selling the index would be advisable if it falls below the 7,910 support level. This strategy aims to take advantage of potential downside movements.

In summary, the Nifty Consumption Index is facing a stiff resistance level around 8,025, and a breakout above this range could lead to further upward movement. On the other hand, breaking below the 7,910 level could result in downside pressure. Traders are advised to buy the index above 8,025 and sell below 7,910, aligning their trades with the respective breakout or breakdown levels.

(Ravi Nathani is an independent technical analyst. Views expressed are personal).


First Published: Jun 2 2023 | 7:28 AM IST

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