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Rajesh Kumar

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India’s economic growth numbers for both the January-March quarter and for the full fiscal year 2022-23 surprised most commentators. Looking at the numbers in detail, T N Ninan in his weekly column notes, it should certainly be cause for worry that, while agriculture and manufacturing (measured at current prices) used to be roughly equal in size, by the latest quarter agriculture had become 25 per cent bigger than manufacturing. This is the exact opposite of what was intended when the government pushed “Make in India”, increased tariff protection, and improved the physical infrastructure. Read here

In other views:
Myth-making is necessary for ‘new republic’ to create an ersatz history for its own justification and legitimacy, writes Mihir S Sharma. Read here
Talking about transformative technologies, Devangshu Datta notes that ideally circa 2050, our houses will be powered by fusion reactors generating clean, cheap, limitless energy, and everyone will carry quantum mobiles running AI and travel in vehicles powered by fuel cells. Read here
“The sweat and toil of our farmers plays a big role in the country's progress. Their relentless work is the backbone of our food security. It has been #9YearsEmpoweringAnnadatas and ensuring this sector scales new heights of growth.”

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First Published: Jun 3 2023 | 6:30 AM IST

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