Best of BS Opinion: Turning the clock back, plastic ban failure, and more

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Kanika Datta
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The government and the central bank have over the past months and years systematically tightened the restrictions on how Indians can remit money overseas. Restrictions on remittances tend to be seen globally as a sign of insecurity among policy makers about the future direction of the economy — which is, for example, the lesson that was taken by many after the Chinese government cracked down on individual remittances some years ago. In India, this image of self-confidence now appears in jeopardy thanks to various policy actions that could well rein in legal transfers, the top edit warns. Read it here

In other views:
A K Bhattacharya explains why the credibility of foreign trade policy would improve if the government were not obsessed with setting export targets. Read it here
Rathin Roy argues that central banks are incapable of dealing with the political and economic outcomes of inflation, and the sooner this is recognised, the less dangerous the consequences will be. Read it here
The second edit says 10 months into the plastic ban has had no impact on its use; a multi-pronged approach would have better success. Read it here

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