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Why does India not have a data protection bill yet? How is TV adapting to the digital age? Where are oil prices headed? What are short- and long-term capital gains taxes? All answers here

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The government withdrew the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 from the Parliament on Wednesday, while promising to come back with a new draft. It comes after a Joint Parliamentary Committee -- which sat over the bill for over three years -- suggested staggering 81 amendments to it in its 542-page report. On its part, opposition Congress claimed that big tech companies would be “happy” with this move. So in our next report we ask why India is still waiting for a data protection law? And how does this delay affect both consumers and businesses?

Data, as they say, is indeed the new oil. And apart from other things, it is also fueling the television’s growth story. So as the audience went tech-savvy, our humble TV kept the pace and turned smart. It offered them good content on the big screen. And combine it with a couch and a bowl of popcorn, it is a comfort which no other platform matches. We explain how TV managed to stay relevant in this fast-changing world.

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Large LED or Ultra HD TVs have also become a status symbol -- slowly pushing bookshelves out of living rooms. Meanwhile, the prices of Brent crude oil, which had gone through the roof, are coming down. On Wednesday, OPEC+ decided to hike output by 100,000 barrels per day. After that Brent slipped nearly 4 per cent to below 100 dollars a barrel mark for the first time since April 11. Are they headed lower in the days to come? 

Gains made on the sale of equity shares are taxable. The percentage of tax that you pay depends on how long you kept the shares. In our next report we talk about these taxes, and also if you can offset the losses against the gain while filing the tax. Let us hear it in this episode of the podcast.   

First Published: Aug 05 2022 | 08:00 AM IST

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