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How large is India's tiger economy? Will ChatGPT take away your job? Is it time to invest in real estate stocks? What is a LIGO? All answers here

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India added 200 more tigers in the last four years. With this, the total number of big cats prowling its forests has soared past 3,000. Tourists too are foraging these forests to get a glimpse of these elusive animals, contributing to the economy. And the tiger conservation efforts have also given rise to an entire economic ecosystem. So with India’s tiger conservation initiative marking 50 years, Bhaswar Kumar and I explore exactly how large the tiger economy is. 

Over 80,000 tigers were killed in India before a ban on its hunting was imposed. And later, in 1973, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi launched the Project Tiger to save the animal. Fast forward to now, the world is staring at digital disruption due to advanced artificial intelligence. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken the world by a storm. It is clearing competitive exams with flying colours and writing impressive programs and articles. While some say it will create fresh jobs, others are worrying about the threat to their livelihood. So will artificial-intelligence (AI) chatbots like ChatGpt take away jobs? 

Even as the Reserve Bank of India’s recent policy action was a “pause” in the rate hike cycle, it has proved to be a “pivot” for the real estate sector. Business Standard’s Puneet Wadhwa spoke to analysts to understand the road ahead for the sector, and find out stocks that could be worth investors’ money.

While ripples in the stock market affect investors, those in the space have the potential to change the course of humanity. Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO in short, is an international network of laboratories that detect the ripples in space-time. The world has four such labs. And now, India too has sanctioned one such ambitious observatory. But exactly what does it observe? And why is it important for India? Listen to this episode of the podcast for answers. 

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First Published: Apr 12 2023 | 9:59 AM IST

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