Volume IconTMS Ep432: K'taka elections, foreign education, markets, Al-Qadir Trust

What are the takeaways from Karnataka elections? Why are more and more Indian students moving abroad? Will mid- and small-caps sustain their recent strength? What is Al-Qadir Trust case? Answers here

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Dust over the campaign trails in Karnataka has settled now. Loudspeakers have fallen silent and EVMs are back in store rooms. Over three crore voters have elected 224 MLAs, and the suspense over the results is now over. So what next for Karnataka? 
Both the BJP and Congress had made a host of promises for the state’s young population. While the BJP had vowed 10 lakh new jobs, the Congress had announced a monthly allowance to unemployed graduates and diploma holders. But why is a large section of Indian youth not landing jobs despite degrees and diplomas? Recently the central government has also told the Parliament that the number of students going abroad for higher education has jumped by 68% in 2022. Why then are so many Indian students flying abroad for higher  degrees? 

Moving on, while the overall market has remained volatile so far this year, the midcap and smallcap pockets are emerging as winners, outperforming the large caps. Find out the reasons supporting their upward movement and whether the strength will sustain ahead.
The stock markets of neighbouring Pakistan, meanwhile, crashed and its rupee fell to a record low after the arrest of opposition leader Imran Khan last week. While the country’s Supreme Court later termed the arrest illegal, and a high court granted him bail, the country remains on the edge. The cricketer-turned-politician was arrested in the Al-Qadir Trust case. But what is this controversy all about? Listen to the podcast for answers. 

First Published: May 15 2023 | 10:11 AM IST

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