Volume IconTMS Ep475: Online gaming, Triumph-Harley vs Enfield, markets, tax havens

Can online gaming survive the GST sucker punch? Can Triumph and Harley take on Royal Enfield? What should investors do in case they missed the market rally? What are tax havens? All answers here

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The Goods and Services Tax Council on Tuesday decided to levy 28% tax on full face value for online gaming. While the council said the move will help regulate the online gaming industry and make it fair and transparent, industry stakeholders said it will deal a killer blow to the emerging sector in the country. Find out how the next levels might be stacking up for the online gaming industry.

While the future of online gaming hangs in balance in India, its roads, it seems, are gearing up for a clash of titans. Two international motorbike giants Triumph and Harley-Davidson are revving up to challenge the might of Royal Enfield. The Enfield has long been ruling the mid-range bike segment in India, and has a dedicated fan following. So will the new entrants have enough horsepower to topple the Royal’s empire? 

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Let us now turn our gaze to the markets. Equity investors are making hay as key indices hover around record high levels.  But what about investors who have missed this rally since March 2023 lows? Have they completely missed the bus, or are there pockets that still look attractive? 

FPI flows into the Indian equities hit a 10-month high in June. It is also fuelling the ongoing gains in the stocks. But a part of this money is coming from so-called tax havens. Listen to this episode of the podcast to know more about tax havens and why they have become a favourite. 

First Published: Jul 13 2023 | 08:00 AM IST

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