Volume IconTMS Ep491: GST on gaming, AI & Indian IT, Fitch's US downgrade and more

Has the online gaming industry got a new lease on life? Is Indian IT embracing AI? How soon can equities recover from Fitch's US downgrade blow? What is Minerals Security Partnership? Answers here

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The GST Council has finally given some relief to the Indian e-gaming industry. While the government will continue levying 28% GST on the face value, the tax will now be levied only at the entry level. So, has the Indian gaming industry just received a new lease of life? What would this imply for the industry’s future? 

Artificial intelligence, meanwhile, is revolutionising online gaming too. Improved user experience, interesting environments and more complex challenges are taking the games to the next level. Clearly AI is here to stay. The Indian IT sector is deploying it too. But, what is the nature of Indian IT’s embrace of AI? And, how is the industry approaching the sector? 

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Most IT stocks were in the red on Thursday as key benchmark indices fell for the third consecutive day. Global markets too are shaken after the US’ credit rating downgrade by Fitch Ratings. So, when will the Street recover from this blow? And how long will the rebound take? Puneet Wadhwa answers in our next report

After stocks, let us see what is happening in the corridors of Parliament. It passed a bill on Wednesday allowing the private sector to mine six out of 12 atomic minerals, including lithium. Minerals, it seems, are the new oil. A race is on to find and tap mineral mines across the world to fuel electric vehicle production. The country also recently joined the Minerals Security Partnership, a US-led alliance of 13 developed countries. But what is this alliance all about? What is its purpose? Listen to this episode of the podcast for answers.

First Published: Aug 04 2023 | 2:20 PM IST

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