2019 Lok Sabha elections fought on bodies of our soldiers: Satyapal Malik

Former Jammu and Kashmir governor Satyapal Malik Sunday again attacked the government over the Pulwama attack issue

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Satya pal malik, J&K Governor

Satya pal malik, J&K Governor

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Former Jammu and Kashmir governor Satyapal Malik Sunday again attacked the government over the Pulwama attack issue, saying the 2019 Lok Sabha elections were "fought on the bodies of our soldiers", and the then home minster would have to resign had there been a probe into the incident.

He claimed he had informed Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the attack just after the incident but "he told me to keep quiet".

"Elections (Lok Sabha 2019) were fought on the bodies of our soldiers and no investigation was done. Had an inquiry been done, the then home minister (Rajnath Singh) would have to resign. Many officers would have been jailed and there would have been a huge controversy," Malik said at an event in Bansur of Alwar district.

Malik has been vocal about the issues related to Jammu and Kashmir where he was the governor before the state was divided into the two Union Territories of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir.

He said during the event on Sunday that when the Pulwama attacked happened on February 14, 2019, the prime minister was in a shooting at the Jim Corbett National Park. "When he came out from there I got a call (from him). I told him that our soldiers have been killed and they got killed by our mistake. He told me to keep quiet," Malik said.

Malik was recently questioned by the CBI over his claim that he was offered Rs 300 crore as bribe to clear files related to an insurance scheme during his tenure as Jammu and Kashmir governor between August 23, 2018 and October 30, 2019.

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He also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the Adani issue. Malik said Adani has created much wealth in just three years, and asked those present if they had been able to increase their wealth.

He said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi told Parliament that Adani had got Rs 20,000 crore and asked the government 'where did it come from'.

"The prime minister could not answer. He talked for two days but could not answer one thing because he had no answer and I am saying that it is all his money," Malik said.

"They loot from their chief ministers and give it to Adani and he does business and he is sure that it is my money," Malik said.

"I was in Goa, I complained about the corruption of the chief minister there to the prime minister and the result was that I was removed as governor and the CM continued on the post. That's why I am sure that they do corruption right under his nose and has a share in it and the entire share goes to Adani," Malik said.

He urged people to change the government. "Because if you vote from them again, you will not get a chance to vote thereafter. After this he will not let you vote, he will say that every time only I win, then why spend on elections," he said.

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First Published: May 22 2023 | 6:52 AM IST

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