SUCI(C) questions INDIA's credibility, slams CPI(M) on alliance with TMC

Ghosh pulled no punches in denouncing the CPI(M) in Bengal and wondered how it could be part of an alliance of which TMC is also an ally

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The SUCI(C) on Saturday questioned the credibility of the INDIA opposition bloc in the fight against the BJP and slammed fellow communist party, CPI(M), of being part of the alliance in which Bengal's ruling TMC is also an ally.
The Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist), which held a rally at the iconic Brigade Parade grounds here after nearly 35 years, slammed the BJP government at the Centre over misrule and anti-people policies.
SUCI (C) general secretary Provash Ghosh, while addressing the rally, wondered about the credibility of the Congress in the fight against capitalist and communal forces.
"It was during the Congress tenure that capitalist forces were strengthened in the country. And during the Congress period too, communal riots had taken place in the country. Who is this INDIA alliance representing? Does it represent the oppressed and poor section of the country?" he questioned.
Wondering whether poor people would benefit and communal harmony be in safe hands if INDIA came to power, Ghosh asserted that the "BJP must be defeated but through clearly defined politics and policies of the proletariat."

"BJP must be defeated. But it cannot be done just by aligning some political parties but through clearly defined politics and policies," he said.
Ghosh pulled no punches in denouncing the CPI(M) in Bengal and wondered how it could be part of an alliance of which TMC is also an ally.
"CPI(M)-led Left Front was in power for 34 years. Now, they are a shadow of their past. Even Left allies like RSP and Forward Bloc are weakened. The CPI(M) is now part of an alliance (INDIA) of which TMC is also a part. The CPI(M) has aligned with the Congress. They are no longer in a position to fight against the TMC or the BJP," he said.
Ghosh said the SUCI(C), which was part of the Left Front from 2014-2019, wants broader Left unity, but there can be no double standards of alliance with the Congress or the TMC.
Hitting out at the TMC government over violence-marred rural polls, Ghosh said under the TMC regime, "democracy and its values has been diminished."

"Democracy and its values have been diminished under the TMC regime. During the rural polls, so many people lost their lives in the state. The TMC has started dole politics to deflect attention from its failures, he said.
SUCI (C) was an ally of the TMC during the anti-land acquisition movement in Singur and Nandigram.
The party, founded in 1948, has been part of two United Front governments in West Bengal in the mid-Sixties. It has a minuscule presence in the state, and between 2014 and 2016, it had a presence in the Lok Sabha and West Bengal assembly.

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First Published: Aug 05 2023 | 6:57 PM IST

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