World Brain Tumor Day 2023: Theme, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

World brain tumour day is marked on 8 June yearly and it is a significant occasion to make individuals aware of the dangerous illness. An abnormal growth around the brain is called a brain tumour

World Brain Tumor Day 2023

World Brain Tumor Day 2023

Sonika Nitin Nimje New Delhi

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Noticed every year on June 8, World Brain Tumor Day is committed to making awareness about brain tumours. This year, the theme is "Protect yourself, avoid stress." A brain tumour in the brain is a hallmark of abnormal growth. Tumours can fill in any piece of the brain or skull including the underside of the brain, defensive lining, brainstem and nasal cavity among others.

When the tumour grows within the brain, it puts pressure on that part of the brain, affecting the way the body works in that area. Based on the brain tissue it affects, researchers have identified more than 120 types of brain tumours.

World Brain Tumor Day: Types

Brain tumours can be essentially ordered into two sorts, to be specific harmless and dangerous tumors. Non-cancerous benign brain tumours typically grow slowly. They are unique and rarely spread to other areas. However, benign tumors can still be dangerous because they damage and compress the brain's part, which can cause severe dysfunction. A person's life may also be in jeopardy if the tumor develops in an essential region of the brain.

A portion of the benign brain tumors has vestibular, meningioma, pituitary adenoma, schwannoma, and chondroma. Malignant brain tumors are cancerous and are portrayed by fast development. They frequently invade other healthy brain regions and lack clear boundaries. Because it harms the brain's essential structures, it can be fatal. A portion of the malignant mind cancers incorporate medulloblastoma, chondrosarcoma, and olfactory neuroblastoma.

World Brain Tumor Day: Symptoms

There are not all symptoms of brain tumours. Meningioma, which is the most well-known brain tumour in grown-ups generally develops gradually and slips by everyone's notice. However, there are still some symptoms to be aware of. These side effects rely on the size of the cancer, the region it influences and how quickly it is developing. Some are as follows:

    • Trouble thinking, 

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    • loss of memory, 
    • confusion, and disorientation 
    • Personality or behaviour shifts, 
    • balance problems, such as dizziness, 
    • Seizures. 

World Brain Tumor Day: Treatment

Neurological examination, a biopsy, and brain scans are used by doctors to make a diagnosis of brain tumours. Surgery is the treatment for brain tumours that is used the most frequently. However, there are additional options like:

    • Radiotherapy
    • Steroids
    • Anti-seizure medication
    • Ventricular peritoneal shunt
    • Chemotherapy. 

First Published: Jun 8 2023 | 2:16 PM IST

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