Google has added grammar check feature to its search engine; details inside

To get started, users simply need to enter a sentence or phrase into Search bar along with "grammar check", "check grammar" or "grammar checker"

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Google has added grammar check feature to its search engine

Sonika Nitin Nimje New Delhi

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Google has introduced a grammar check feature to its search engine, permitting users to confirm the rightness of phrases and sentences directly through 'Google Search.' The grammar checker looks for corrections in a sentence or expression and proposes changes if necessary, as indicated by 9To5Google. Currently, the feature is only accessible in English.

In case the information entered is grammatically right, a green mark will be shown in the 'Grammar Check' segment as the primary outcome. But if there are errors, Google will adjust the sentence and feature the corrections. The tool will likewise fix spelling errors.

How to activate Google's new feature in grammar check?

Google Search has various built-in tools from its dictionary reference to a metronome and multi-sided die, with the latest edition allowing users to look for grammar corrections on mobile and desktop. Google says its grammar checker will see "if a phrase or sentence is written in a grammatically correct way or how to correct it, if not.” At the moment, the feature is “only available in English."

Simply enter a sentence or phrase into Search alongside "grammar check,” “check grammar,” or “grammar checker." You don't necessarily need to add that to the end limit of your query, which makes for a more consistent experience, yet it ensures that Google activates the tool all the time. 

If there are no issues, the "Grammar Check" section/card that shows up as the primary outcome will display a green mark. If not, Google will modify the sentence and underline what it changed. This tool will likewise address any spelling errors. Hovering over the fixed version will uncover a "Copy" button.

Grammar check feature: Benefits 

Users can give "Feedback" if they find an issue. Grammar check won't end if "the content will be found in violation of Google Search’s overall policies or these policies for Search features.” This covers inputs that are hazardous, clinical in nature, or contain "abusive language and obscenity". 

Additionally, particular imagery, for example, adult or graphic violent content will currently be blurred naturally when it shows up in Search results.

A support page for this feature initially went live late last month, the report mentions. Last week, the tech giant reported new features in Search to assist users with keeping control of their own data, privacy and online security, which incorporates a feature that cautions users when their confidential contact information seems on the web.

First Published: Aug 07 2023 | 9:03 PM IST

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