Microsoft's Bing chatbot updated with chat history: Details on all upgrades

Microsoft had announced the upgrades to its generative AI chatbot earlier this month and has now confirmed that they are rolling out new upgrades such as chat history, charts and visualisations, etc

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Microsoft Bing AI

Microsoft Bing AI

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Microsoft has begun rolling out the much-awaited chat history feature for Bing chat, the company said in a blog post. With Microsoft shipping new features and updates, Bing chat can now store and display a users’ conversation history with the chatbot, just like OpenAI's ChatGPT.
Microsoft announced the upgrades to its generative AI tool earlier this month and has now confirmed that they are rolling out new upgrades such as chat history, charts and visualisations, video overlays, and privacy improvements to users.

Chat history
Bing’s chatbot now remembers the history of previous chat threads and displays them on the right-hand side of the chat window. The user can choose to return to any previously saved conversation and pick up where he/she/they left off.  Users can now delete, rename, export, or share a conversation with others.

Charts and visualisations
Microsoft said that Bing Chat will continue to “use more visual elements to help make chat answers more complete.”  In response to questions on the movements of a particular stock or queries on ranking cities in a country by population, Bing chat will generate a chart.

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Users can now export chat answers to a PDF, text file, or Microsoft Word document.

Video Overlay
In the case of a video response to chat conservations, users will be able to click on the video to launch a full-screen video overlay. If the video includes timestamps, users will be able to navigate it with timestamps located on the right side of the display.

Privacy improvements in the Edge sidebar
Bing Chat in the sidebar has the ability to answer questions about documents viewed in the Edge browser. In a major improvement, the AI chatbot will not record logs of these conversations about content on the user’s PC or private content that is not part of Microsoft's search index. These conversations will also not appear as part of the user’s chat history.

First Published: May 23 2023 | 7:36 PM IST

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