WhatsApp: Know tools and features to add safeguards to protect your account

WhatsApp allows users to choose who can add them to groups, which enhances privacy. It also stops people from adding users to groups they don't want to be a part of

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Over the years, Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp has added several security measures to protect users and give them greater control over their privacy. The messaging app has sought to protect users from online scams, frauds, and threats through its arsenal of product features and safety tools.
Here are some of the features which a user can employ to secure their WhatsApp account:

Two-step verification
This feature requires a six-digit PIN when resetting and verifying the user’s account. It adds an extra layer of security to the application. This is particularly helpful if a SIM card gets stolen or if the user’s phone gets compromised.

Group privacy settings
WhatsApp allows users to choose who can add them to groups, which enhances privacy. It also stops people from adding users to groups they don’t want to be a part of. Users also have the option of exiting a group privately without having to notify everyone.

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Enhanced privacy setting
WhatsApp users can control different aspects of their online presence by choosing who can and can’t see if they are online. Users have several options to control their personal details such as - Profile Photo, Last Seen, Online status, About, Status, and who sees it. The option to keep personal details visible to only their contacts can protect users against bad actors.

Behind-the-scenes security features
There are several security features such as Account Protect which alerts users to any attempt to move the user’s account to another device. Device verification allows added checks to authenticate the user’s account. Automatic security codes make sure the user is chatting with the intended recipient.

Review of linked devices
The list of all the devices from which the account has been accessed can be reviewed by the user. In case of any suspicious activity, the user should immediately log out.

Blocking suspicious accounts
In case a user receives calls from unknown numbers, he/she/they can ‘block and report the account’ to WhatsApp. The application will debar blocked numbers to call or message the users.

First Published: May 17 2023 | 4:10 PM IST

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