Canada forest fires intensify, worsen air quality in Canada, United States

Air quality in the US and Canada intensifies as 400 forest fires remain active. The US deploys 600 firefighters to control the situation.

US air pollution

US air pollution

Sudeep Singh Rawat New Delhi

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The air quality in Canada and the United States worsened due to smoke and haze from wildfires as over 400 forest fires are still active, and most of them are out of control, reported Hindustan Times.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, flagged wildfires impacting everyday lives, routines, livelihoods and air quality.

After talking to the US president, Justin Trudeau tweeted, "Hundreds of American firefighters have recently arrived in Canada, and more are on the way. On the phone today, I spoke with @POTUS Biden about this critical support – and I thanked him for all the help Americans are providing as we continue to fight these devastating wildfires."

Justin Trudeau further added to the tweet, "We're seeing more of these fires because of climate change. We will keep working - here at home and with partners around the world - to tackle climate change and address its impacts."

The United States has deployed more than 600 firefighters to support Canada to fight a forest fire that is intensifying due to the climate crisis. The US president in his tweet also showed concern for Americans experiencing dangerous air pollution especially those with health conditions. He through his tweet urged people to listen to local authorities to protect themselves and their families. tracking air quality around the world, said that New York was enduring the worst air quality index of any major city in the world.

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New York distributing masks

According to the officials, the situation will persist into the weekend and people are advised to remain indoors. Millions of North Americans have been advised to wear N95 masks to stay protected from poor air quality.

New York is distributing free masks as New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced on Wednesday that New York would distribute one million masks to state residents on Thursday. Kathy said it is a temporary situation and not a covid.

According to US Environment Protection Agency, more than 100 million people across the northeastern US, extending west to Chicago and south to Atlanta, were under pollution warnings as the smoke drifted to miles from Canada.

First Published: Jun 8 2023 | 2:23 PM IST

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