French Stuntman, Remi Lucidi, dies after falling from a 68-story building

French Stuntman, Remi Lucidi died after falling from a 68-story building in Hong Kong. The man was last seen alive at 7.38 pm when he tapped on the window of the penthouse, startling a maid inside

Remi Lucidi

French Stuntman, Remi Lucidi, died after falling from 68 story building

Sudeep Singh Rawat New Delhi

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Daredevil from France, Remi Lucidi, died after falling from the 68-floor of a building, Tregunter Tower complex, in Hong Kong. The 30-year-old ventured onto the building where he is believed to have been trapped outside the top-floor penthouse. 

In a desperate attempt to find help, he frantically knocked on a window, startling a maid inside. He then lost control and plunged to his death.

Lucidi, who is known online as Remi Enigma, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 30-year-old arrived at the building around 6 pm and told the guard that he was visiting a friend on the 40th floor, said the Hong Kong police officials.

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After the alleged friend confirmed that he was not familiar with Lucidi, one security guard attempted to seize him, but by then, the French stuntman had already secured an elevator.

Later, security footage revealed that the stunt man arrived at the 49th floor and then took stairs up to the top of the building.

Those who were looking for Lucidi found the window open leading to the roof, but couldn't find him in sight.

The man was last seen alive at 7.38 pm, when he tapped on the window of the complex's penthouse, asking the maid to call the police. Lucidi was reportedly trapped and subsequently lost his balance. 

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The original cause of death is still unknown. A source who was present during the incident says Lucidi's camera at the death scene contained footage of the death-defying stunts.

Gurjit Kaur, who owned the hotel where the 30-year-old stuntman was reportedly staying said, "He was healthy and fit and happy-faced. I feel very sad."

The stuntman used to share bold and dangerous photographs from the top of the buildings and large structures to amuse his Instagram followers. Lucidi was a very friendly and a humble guy, according to his friends and followers.

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First Published: Jul 31 2023 | 12:55 PM IST

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