International Day of Peace 2023: History, Importance, Theme, Activities

The International Day of Peace has started by the UN General Assembly and the day is dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace and marking an end to conflict and violence worldwide

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International Day of Peace 2023

Sonika Nitin Nimje New Delhi

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The International Day of Peace is observed every year on September 21, and it is a day dedicated to advancing peace and non-violence. The main focus of this day is on advancing the pursuit of peace. This event serves as a reminder for people from different backgrounds and countries to ponder the idea of worldwide serenity. 
The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are a bunch of 17 objectives that aim to make a superior world for everybody, through the elimination of injustice, hunger and inequality. Peace is fundamental for accomplishing the SDGs, and the International Day of Peace is a sign of our common responsibility to cooperate together to fabricate a more peaceful and conflict-free world.

What is the history behind the International Day of Peace?

The United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 36/67 on September 30, 1981, that required a worldwide ceasefire and the end of all wars on that day and, consequently, announced the third Tuesday of September every year to be observed as the International Day of Peace. 
The first International Day of Peace was celebrated on September 21, 1982 and denoted a huge step towards promoting peace and bringing issues to light about the significance of peacekeeping efforts worldwide, however, it was later in 2001 that the official date was announced as September 21. 
Until then, it was seen on the inaugural session of the annual General Assembly, the third Tuesday of September. 

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International Peace Day 2023: Theme
"Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals" is the theme of International Day of Peace 2023.
"Peace is needed today more than ever. War and conflict are unleashing devastation, poverty, and hunger and driving tens of millions of people from their homes. Climate chaos is all around. And even peaceful countries are gripped by gaping inequalities and political polarisation", UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.

What is the importance of International Peace Day 2023? 

The International Day of Peace commits to reaffirm the UN's commitment to peace, compromise and support people, communities and countries to pursue a peaceful and violence-free world. It keeps on being a significant day for advancing dialogue, understanding and participation among individuals and countries as the United Nations accepts that real peace doesn’t just mean the absence of violence but the "building of societies where all members feel that they can flourish."
The day also seeks to build an equal and just world for all, a world where everybody is dealt with similarly no matter what their race and the day gives a "globally shared date for all humanity to commit to peace above all differences and to contribute to building a culture of peace."

What are the activities that can be done on the International Peace Day?

Last week, Guterres, along with the General Assembly President, Dennis Francis, rang the conventional Peace Bell and a moment of silence was observed at the UN's Japanese Garden to observe the International Peace Day. The Peace Bell which is projected from coins and medals donated from around the world including by youngsters, is rang two times every year on the first day of Spring at the Vernal Equinox, in the festival of Earth Day, and to observe the International Day of Peace.
Apart from it, if you want to take part in the International Day of Peace 2023 celebrations, you should think about taking part in the below exercises:
    • Awareness Programs: You can arrange and take part in seminars, educational programs, events and conferences that are concentrated on advancing worldwide serenity.
    • Symbolise Peace and Unity: Coordinate and take part in serene protests, marches, or parades to promote the meaning of peaceful and solidarity within communities.
    • Online Campaigns: Run harmony-centred campaigns on your virtual entertainment handles to reach a more extensive crowd. You can make use of hashtags like #Peace, #WorldPeaceDay, #InternationalPeaceDay, and #PeaceandUnity.

First Published: Sep 21 2023 | 1:32 PM IST

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