This Russian aggression must end with our victory: Ukraine's Zelenskyy

"Moscow must lose once and for all and it will lose," he added

Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday (local time) said that Russia's aggression must end with Ukraine's victory. He offered repeated thanks to Canada for its continued support of Kyiv.
Zelenskyy was accompanied by Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska. They received a standing ovation upon arrival in the House of Commons.
In his address at the Canadian Parliament, Zelenskyy said, "This Russian aggression must end with our victory so that Russia will never bring back genocide to Ukraine and will never ever try to do so. Moscow must lose once and for all and it will lose."
He started his address by talking about the construction of the world's first Holodomor monument in Edmonton in 1983.
"At that time, Ukraine didn't yet have memorials commemorating the victims of the genocide of Ukrainians because Ukraine was under Moscow's control back then. This fall will mark their 40th anniversary of the very first and important commemoration of the victims of Vladimir," Zelenskyy said.
Zelenskyy said that a lot has changed in the past 40 years. He noted that Ukraine gained independence and dozens of countries recognized Vladimir (Russian President Vladimir Putin) for the genocide of the Ukrainian people. He said that 11 of these recognitions have been made this year.
Zelenskyy said Canada's military assistance so far has saved thousands of lives. He lauded Canada for imposing sanctions against Russia. He thanked Canada for supporting Ukraine's bid for NATO. He expressed gratitude to Canada for training Ukrainian soldiers. He thanked Canada for economic assistance and for helping Ukraine to get rid of Russian oil.
Ukrainian President said, "Moscow now as always is bent on controlling Ukraine and makes use of all available means to do that, including genocide. It is genocide what Russian occupiers are doing to Ukraine and when we want to win, when we call on the world to support us, it is not just about an ordinary conflict. It is about saving lives of millions of people."
Zelenskyy said that people will be winners in the war and not the Kremlin. He expressed hope that one day there will be a monument built in Edmonton to commemorate Ukraine and Canada's common victory. He ended his speech by saying "Slava Ukraini."
"Ukraine and Canada are the same. We stand and we fight for life. Ukraine, not genocide will be victorious in this war. People will be the winners, not the Kremlin. Freedom will be the winner justice will be the winner. You can know this for sure about us because you know for sure about yourself that you would never submit to evil," Zelenskyy said.
Canadian lawmakers applauded following Zelenskyy's speech in the House of Commons. It was the Ukrainian president's second address to the Canadian Parliament since its conflict began with Russia in 2022. He had previously addressed the parliament virtually in 2022.
Prior to Zelenskyy's address, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reaffirmed support for Ukraine. He said that Canada will continue to provide economic support to Ukraine over the next year so that it remains a "strong, dynamic and prosperous democratic nation."
In his address at the Canadian Parliament, Trudeau expressed hope that Ukraine won't need military or financial support for long and that peace in the country will return soon. He called for opposing Russian President Vladimir Putin and rejecting his attempts to bring the world back to a time when "might made right."
The Canadian PM said, "We will continue to work with our partners, including within NATO, to provide unwavering support. We will continue to provide economic support to Ukraine over the next year so that it remains a strong, dynamic and prosperous democratic country. But our greatest hope is that you won't need military or financial support for long and that peace returns soon. But, it cannot be a false peace based on a compromise imposed by the aggressor."
He further said, "For a lasting peace, we must oppose Putin and reject his attempts to bring us back to a time when might made right. A lasting peace must clearly establish that borders must be respected regardless of the size of the neighbouring army. This peace must restore the right of Ukrainians to determine their own future. Canada stands with the principles of Ukraine's peace formula. We believe that peace must respect the UN charter, be based on international law and preserve Ukraine's territorial integrity. This is the peace we must fight for. And that is what Ukraine has done for one year, six months and 29 days."
He said that the Canadian government will continue to support Ukraine "for as long as it takes." He said that Canada has provided USD 9 billion in military, financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine since its conflict started with Russia.
Trudeau said, "President Zelenskyy, I have clearly said that our government will stand by you for as long as it takes. Canada has provided nearly USD 9 billion in military, financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine since Putin began his war of aggression. We are making a longer-term, multiyear commitment that provides predictable, steady support to Ukraine,"
He added, "It will include USD 650,000,000 over three years for 50 armoured vehicles, including medical evacuation vehicles that will be built by Canadian workers in London, Ontario. We have also sent F-16 trainers for pilots and for maintenance so Ukrainians are able to maximize their use of donated fighter jets.

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A Russian attack killed at least 49 people, including a six-year-old boy, in a village in the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine on Thursday, Ukrainian officials said. Kharkiv region governor Oleh Synehubov said that a cafe and a shop had been attacked at around 13:15 (10:15 GMT) in the village of Hroza in the Kupyansk district of Kharkiv, and that many civilians had been there at the time. “The rescuers continue to work on the site,” Synehubov said on the Telegram messaging app.

First Published: Sep 23 2023 | 06:33 AM IST

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